• Exhibitions

    15 JUNE  - 03 NOVEMBER 2024

    Amidst a world rapidly changing under the weight of climate change, the exhibition "I Feel the Earth Whisper" at Museum Frieder Burda invites us to contemplate the fragile beauty of the natural world and our profound interconnectedness with it. Through the installations of Bianca Bondi, Julian Charrière, Sam Falls and Ernesto Neto – including sculpture, painting, video and photography – the show curated by Patricia Kamp and Jérôme Sans, invites us to reflect upon our relationship with the forests and unique ecosystems of the planet, and to rekindle our historically rooted role as guardians of thes...

    Yoshitomo Nara

    23 NOVEMBER 2024 - 27 APRIL 2025

    The Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara (*1959) is one of the best-known Japanese artists of his generation. He attracted international attention early on with his "Angry Girls", highly stylized depictions of girls who confront the viewer head-on with an evil eye and flashing teeth. Aggressive and at the same time naive, snotty and at the same time sweet: the childlike scheme used is reminiscent of the aesthetics of Japanese comics and cartoons, the so-called mangas. In Japan today, mangas represent an important p...

    Eingang museum frieder burda

    Museum Frieder Burda

    In order to maintain the integral nature of the Collection and make it accessible to the public, a museum was built in Frieder Burda's home city of Baden-Baden. The plans have been drafted by the New York architect Richard Meier. The Museum Frieder Burda was inaugurated in the autumn of 2004 and will be fully financed and run by the Foundation Frieder Burda which was established in 1998.

    Architektur museum frieder burda

    The new museum for twentieth- and twenty-first-century art has been designed to integrate into the lush landscape of the Lichtentaler Allee Park and, at the same time, to harmonize in scale with the classical profile of the adjacent Staatliche Kunsthalle in Baden-Baden. Great efforts were taken to preserve as many trees as possible on the site, so that the Museum Frieder Burda would be harmoniously incorporated into the nature surrounding it. The overall form and proportions of the new building correspond to the elevated plinth and entablature of the Neoclassical Kunsthalle, but each institution maintains its own tectonic identity.

    Gursky museum frieder burda

    Guided tours

    The Museum Frieder Burda offers its visitors a diverse education programme for all age groups. In addition to regular public tours of the current exhibitions, we also offer private tours with experienced art educators. These tours, which are non-refundable and must be reserved in advance, include immediate entry to exhibitions without waiting or queueing.

    Salonberlin museum frieder burda

    Salon Berlin

    Salon Berlin is Museum Frieder Burda’s new exhibition and project space at the Auguststraße 11- 13 in Berlin. Closely connected with the Museum in Baden-Baden, Salon Berlin, under the curatorial direction of Patricia Kamp, presents the diverse aspects of the museum programme and the Frieder Burda Collection. The exhibition space sees itself as a forum for international contemporary art, both a showroom and a space for experimentation for Museum Frieder Burda.

    I RISE
    07 SEPTEMBER 2019 - 22 FEBRUARY 2020
    Conceptstore museum frieder burda

    Concept Store

    More than just a museum store. In addition to catalogs, art prints and posters, the Museum Frieder Burda Concept Store offers a wide range of exclusive jewelry as well as highly decorative furnishings such as vases, tableware, textiles and even individual pieces of furniture. The idea behind the concept: Everything you see can be bought.

    The Concept Store can also be visited without a museum ticket. Simply contact our staff in the checkout area.

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