Salon Berlin

In the fall of 2016, in the course of a generational change, the Museum Frieder Burda opened the Salon Berlin in one of the most vital art districts of the capital. Closely linked to the museum in Baden-Baden, the Salon is more than just a project and showroom that accompanies and conveys the museum program and the collection of the mother house. Under the curatorial direction of Patricia Kamp, a place of exchange and discourse has been created in the former Jewish Girls' School in Auguststraße, dedicated to the promotion and mediation of new forms of artistic expression. In changing exhibitions, individual, outstanding positions of the Frieder Burda Collection are brought into a dynamic field of tension with contemporary art.

As a forum for international contemporary art, the Salon Berlin uses the expertise of one of the most successful private museums in Germany to present contemporary positions in Berlin in challenging contexts and combinations. Young artists such as Alicja Kwade or Nathalie Djurberg have already entered into dialogue with works by Sigmar Polke or Willem de Kooning from the Frieder Burda Collection. For each exhibition, thematic and aesthetic concepts are developed that shape the visual design of the salon and also the supporting program.

With its thematically and aesthetically developed exhibition formats, the Salon Berlin aims to transcend boundaries. It does not only want to present urgent positions, but to provide intellectual and emotional impulses through art to develop necessary visions for a common future.

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