In the basement of Museum Frieder Burda, a new space-light installation especially conceived by James Turrell, which is remaining in the museum as part of the Frieder Burda Collection after the major Turrell exhibition in 2018. Visitors enter a completely white room with a bench in the center from which they look at a curved wall. Cut out of this wall is an elliptical and curved opening filled with a pane of glass. Behind this pane of glass is a computer-controlled LED panel that constantly but gradually, almost imperceptibly, changes color, thus creating astounding optical effects throughout the entire room. The light seems to float and appears both dense and thin at the same time, itself becoming a material in its own right.

Accretion Disk, the title of this artwork, is a term from the field of astrophysics denoting a disk made of gas or interstellar dust that rotates around a newly-created star.

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