Sigmar Polke, Porträt Frieder Burda, 1996, gouache on paper, 271 x 181,5 cm

Please note that the Collection Frieder Burda is not permanently exhibited!

The Collection Frieder Burda

The internationally-renowned Collection Frieder Burda concentrates on Classical Modernism and contemporary art and now encompasses around 1000 paintings, sculptures, objects, photographs and works on paper.

The Museum will show the Collection to the public in varying presentations and taking ever-changing factors and new contexts into consideration. A fundamental part of the alternating exhibitions will also relate to the Collection, so that with the museum a place will be created for animated reflection and discussion on the works of art of the Collection.

Frieder Burda was born in Gengenbach, Baden, in south-western Germany, in 1936 as the second son of the publisher, printing house proprietor and Senator, Dr. Franz Burda. After attending schools in Offenbach and Switzerland he completed an apprenticeship in printing and publishing. His commercial training was accomplished in his father's firm. He spent several years in France, England and in the USA before taking over a printing house in Darmstadt. Frieder Burda expanded this operation into one of the leading job-printing houses in Europe. In 1973 he entered the services of Burda GmbH in Offenburg as shareholder responsible for finances, participatory interests and administration. Following the death of his father in 1986 Frieder Burda devoted increased attention to art alongside his entrepreneurial commitments.

The fascination of colour and of the emotional expressive qualities of painting were at the centre of the collector's interest in art. This perspective has given rise to a Collection with a personal style, bringing together pioneering positions of painting in the 20th century. In so doing, the Collection concentrates on a select number of artists whose works are acquired with determination, assembling a comprehensive range of the œuvre of some artists.

In order to maintain the integral nature of the Collection and make it accessible to the public, a museum was built in Frieder Burda's home city of Baden-Baden. The plans have been drafted by the New York architect Richard Meier. The Museum Frieder Burda was inaugurated in the autumn of 2004 and will be fully financed and run by the Foundation Frieder Burda which was established in 1998.

Frieder Burda died in Baden-Baden the 14th of July 2019.

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