Banksy @ Museum Frieder Burda

Love is in the bin
05 February – 03 March 2019

Museum Frieder Burda presents “Love is in the Bin”, the Banksy painting recently auctioned to a European collector at Sotheby’s. The artwork goes on public display for the first time in February 2019 and will be on show for four weeks from 5 February to 3 March 2019. It will also be accompanied by a symposium.

Since the birth of conceptual art, there have always been artistic attempts to volatilize or even destroy an artwork’s own existence, thus undermining its material value or trying to transfer it into a different value context. Banksy’s own self-destroying painting “Girl with Balloon” from 2006 undoubtedly marks a new and radical high point of this artistic strategy and one that grabbed attention all over the globe. In a matter of seconds, the picture became one of the most famous in the world – and that in a world already flooded with images.

The display planned in the museum focuses closely on the picture itself, the new global icon. At the same time, it attempts to make the context and intentions of Banksy’s work plausible – and to question conditions in an art market that makes such a development, and such an explosion of value, possible in the first place. Viewing conditions – in accordance with Banksy’s own convictions – will be designed to allow as many visitors as possible to see the picture.

Can the strategies of the art market be torpedoed while adding to fuel to its fire? It’s hoped an accompanying discussion can cast some light on this fundamental question, this subtle strategy pursued by Banksy. The discussion will include Elke Buhr, editor-in-chief of Monopol, the art historian Wolfgang Ullrich and the Banksy expert, Ulrich Blanché.

Free acces to the work "Love is in the Bin" is granted. The usual entrance fee for our current exhibition "Die Brücke" remains unaffected.