Candice Breitz, TLDR, 2017. Still, here: Connie. 13-Channel Installation. Commissioned by the B3 Biennial of the Moving Image, Frankfurt. Courtesy: the artist and KOW (Berlin).


In Dialogue with Works by William N. Copley from the Frieder Burda Collection

Since it erupted into mainstream discourse, the #MeToo movement has sought to analyse and expose the systemic nature of gender-based violence, giving rise to one of the most urgent and charged debates of our times. In seeking to map the dynamics of gender and power that determine relationships in the workplace (and in the world at large), the movement has arguably focused a disproportionate amount of attention on incidents of harassment and abuse reported by privileged and/or media-favoured individuals. Though the video works presented in Candice Breitz: Sex Work were shot shortly before #MeToo went mainstream in October 2017, they resonate poignantly within the debate, re-focusing questions that are central to the movement in order to address the rampant gender-based violence that sex workers contend with on the job and beyond.

As a whole, the exhibition spans a discursive arc from the work of American artist William N. Copley (1919-1996), a renowned outsider figure of the twentieth century, to the work of Berlin-based South African artist Candice Breitz (born 1972), a leading contemporary voice. In the works included in the exhibition, both artists vehemently contest the stigmatisation of sex work, albeit from radically different perspectives.

Candice Breitz: Sex Work is the most recent in an ongoing series of exhibitions and workshops at Salon Berlin that explore the manner in which artistic practice can contribute to social, political and ecological debates.

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