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Arnulf Rainer, Ohne Titel, 1988

Heinz Mack, Radiales Relief, 1968


February 28, 2015 - May 3, 2015


Arnulf Rainer’s overpaintings, created in the 1950s, brought the artist – born in 1929 in Baden near Vienna – worldwide recognition. In cooperation with the Albertina in Vienna, the Museum Frieder Burda recognizes the internationally renowned artist on the occasion of his 85th birthday with a comprehensive retrospective in which essential works representative of the significant phases of his complex oeuvre will be presented. Rainer’s intensive search for new artistic paths, as well as his fascinating strategies and experimental approach make him one of the most influential living contemporary artists today.

In addition to works from the artist’s extensive oeuvre that are held in the Collection Frieder Burda, the exhibition will include works on loan from international museums and private lenders. The exhibition spans from Rainer’s early work with their abstract designs, overpaintings, and crucifixes to the self-representations in the "Face Farces" and "Body Poses" series, as well as the death masks and veil paintings. In addition, recently created works will be presented.

Georg Baselitz. Works from the Collection Frieder Burda

A friendly respect of the singular artistic achievements connects Arnulf Rainer with Georg Baselitz. Therefore, it seems reasonable to present works by Georg Baselitz from the Collection Frieder Burda parallel to the major Arnulf Rainer retrospective in order to contrast and compare the work of both artists.

Baselitz, one of the greatest painters of our time, is one of the best-represented artists in the collection with thirteen paintings and two sculptures, which poignantly demonstrate Baselitz’s artistic development since 1963. Baselitz enhances adherence to the depiction in painting by turning the canvas 180 degrees. Perception is diverted from the depiction and is increasingly turned toward the manner of representation and of painting. It is not so much what is shown, but rather they way in which the artist understands how to express oneself through the medium of painting that make the paintings of Baselitz a unique visual experience.



May 16 – September 20, 2015

In 2015, the major summer exhibition will focus on the reliefs in the oeuvre of Heinz Mack (*1931), cofounder of the group ZERO. Mack is a multiple participant of documenta and represented Germany at the 1970 Biennale in Venice. The central theme of his multifaceted work is light. His abstract objects and images are media toward this end. Heinz Mack reveals unimagined possibilities by means of light—especially in his reliefs.

Mack created his first reliefs in the late 1950s; in which he used a variety of materials and techniques, and in which the formats ranged anywhere from small, handy sizes up to Land Art. As a result of the plastic structure of the surfaces and the various luminous characteristics inherent in the chosen materials, the incident light is reflected, absorbed, and scattered. This creates structures of convincing clarity and surprising richness. The exhibition is being organized in close collaboration with the artist and is curated by Helmut Friedel.


October 3, 2015 – January 24, 2016


Andreas Gursky (*1955) is one of the world’s most successful contemporary photographers. Gursky’s use of digital image processing, an extreme wide format, and sharply detailed color photography are considered the hallmarks of his works. The exhibition at the Museum Frieder Burda is conceived in close collaboration with the artist.