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February 28 - May 3, 2015


Arnulf Rainer’s overpaintings, created in the 1950s, brought the artist – born in 1929 in Baden near Vienna – worldwide recognition. In cooperation with the Albertina in Vienna, the Museum Frieder Burda recognizes the internationally renowned artist on the occasion of his 85th birthday with a comprehensive retrospective in which essential works representative of the significant phases of his complex oeuvre will be presented. Rainer’s intensive search for new artistic paths, as well as his fascinating strategies and experimental approach make him one of the most influential contemporary artists today.


In addition to works from the artist’s extensive oeuvre that are held in the Collection Frieder Burda, the exhibition will include works on loan from international museums and private lenders. The exhibition spans from Rainer’s early work with their abstract designs, overpaintings, and crucifixes to the self-representations in the “Face Farces” and “Body Poses“ series, as well as the death masks and veil paintings. In addition, recently created works will be presented.


February 28 - May 3, 2015

Georg Baselitz, one of the most influential artists of our time, whose virtuosity and productivity never ceases to amaze, is represented in the Collection Frieder Burda with fourteen paintings and two sculptures, which amply demonstrate Baselitz’s artistic development since 1963.

In the 1960s Baselitz rebelled against the dominant academic dogma of nonobjective art, in terms of both painting style and subject matter. In his powerful, expressive Heroes paintings the artist, in the mid-1960s, reflected on both his inner emotional state as well as on the state of the postwar generation. Since then the formal aspects of his painting have increasingly moved into the foreground, and the artistic exploration of color and design led, in 1966, to the Fracture paintings in which the motives were cut up, segmented, and re-composed. In 1969, Baselitz turned the image on its head—in the truest sense of the word; as a result, the perception is diverted away from the image and directed towards the formal and color gestalt of the painted surface. In the 1990s, these powerful works were followed by a new mode of expression, which resulted in works with airy colorfulness and unaccustomed lightness. From 2005, in the series Remix, which is characterized by a new brightness of the colors, the artist revisits important themes in his artistic development and subjects them to a virtuoso reinterpretation.

The works by Georg Baselitz are presented parallel to the the major Arnulf Rainer retrospective. Thus, the visitor is able to contrast and compare the work of both artists.